My Work!

2/2/2016 – New web designs coming soon!

CrossFire Deli & Grill –



Ok – so I am probably the luckiest web designer ever.  I get to make a website for my favorite bakery (see below) and now I get to make one for possibly the best gourmet sandwich and bistro place around Melbourne. was designed from the ground up.  From domain selection, to the website design, all the way to the my first ever published blog roll featuring their delicious Tapas menu!  This restaurant has been rated #1 by tons of places and it’s not hard to taste why!

Thanks Flo and Richard!


My very first re-design!  The new and improved Weston Christian Church!

The theme for this page changed from oranges and browns to greens and blues.


Croissant Chateau Bakery –

A big thank you is in order for Karen and Croissant Chateau Bakery!  Not only did I get to build this website from the ground up, but I also got to put some print design mojo to work on her menu!  I did a little logo redesign using the same font (Curlz MT) that’s on her store front window.   I wanted this site show the elegance and yet spunky nature of ladies at Croissant Chateau.   Thanks so much Karen!  Dare I say that it looks fabulous?


Trident Yacht Management –

Not only does Mike have to deal with me on the weekends when we sing at Ichabod’s Dockside – but now I’ve taken over his website and his creative design.   Bwa – ha – ha!  Trident Yacht Management needed a new logo, a new website layout, and increased visibility on the major search engines.  It’s of course a work in progress in regards to the SEO, but we’re getting there!  Thanks Mike!


Weston Christian Church –


A very special thank you to Weston Christan Church who allowed me to take a look at their site and redesign.  They were looking for some functionality and better navigation.  It was a blast to put together – thanks very much to Dawne – this website wouldn’t be up without you!



Meredith Rollis Photography –

What an exciting project!  Meredith Rollis Photography allowed the modern, yet creative colors and image really make this website look awesome.  Like Meredith herself, is classy and elegant.  Thanks to Meredith for letting the The Ad Girl be a part of this awesome theme!


Rollis Construction & Renovation, LLC. –

Many thanks to Bill Rollis of Rollis Construction & Renovation!  The Ad Girl took care of his company’s website design from the ground up!  Logo creation, domain transfer, hosting, and a complete website overhaul and  varying slideshows within it’s pages.  Thanks Bill!


Special thanks to BRUCE MacARTHUR in Palm Bay, Florida for allowing me the opportunity to work on his website –

While I didn’t build this site for Bruce originally, I am working updates on his website for him. This website doesn’t use a content management system, but all edits must be done within the HTML code. also has its own shopping cart that requires product updates, changes, and additions to his ever growing business.

Thanks Bruce! Click HERE to learn how to get My Services to work for you!  Or email me at